Here we have the first plant to appear. Though more normal looking trees come in later, this bulbous spotted fruit tree still set some ideas about the way colors work in this world. Even though I hadn’t settled on the idea of the ground being white because the grass itself was white, you still have the purple bark of the local trees.

If you are taking the time to try to decipher the word, this page, and a few others, may be a little harder to read because I had started further encrypting the text. It gets quite complicated at some points, but I gave up on that both because I think it’s more fun if the readers can actually see what they’re saying if they work for it and because I don’t feel like doing the extra work.

The sound effects are still written normally, though, and continue to be written in the Grumble script even when they are in other parts of the world where they speak other languages. Sometimes sound effects are the only way you see that script for several pages at a time.