So this is the first page. An empty white void with Red throwing rocks into a hole in reality itself. Green is there too. Everyone is fat and weird looking.

I started doing this comic because I used to read this webcomic that eventually fizzled out, but I was still hanging out on the comic’s forum with other people who had read it. We decided that in order to give us a new sense of purpose we should make our own webcomics and put them up on a site together. I had done some webcomic stuff before, but I wanted to try something new with this.

First was the font. I had made it just for fun. My last comic had a font made from my handwriting, too, but it was regular Latin characters. This one was just to see if I could make a weird alien alphabet that still looked like it had some internal consistency. It didn’t perfectly correspond to the Latin alphabet, but it didn’t need to at the time. I’m not sure if I succeeded, but I liked the results well enough.

The second thing was a picture. I just wanted a way to show people my alphabet, so I chose weird little stick figures speaking gibberish. This was forgotten until a year later when the plan for a community comic site came up. So I went back to the font, filled in some of the missing letters and punctuation, and started making comics.