Red Red
Red is a fun guy who likes to hide.
Green Green
Green often gets nervous.
Blue Blue
Blue is generally depressed, but very smart.
Yellow Yellow
Yellow is always loud and angry.
Magenta Magenta
Magenta runs the store and is very stylish.
Purple Purple
Purple doesn’t talk but he likes to play.
Cyan Cyan
Cyan speaks in pictures from another dimension.
Fish The Fish
The fish knows only hatred.
Black Ms. Black
Ms. Black runs the cube factory with Mr. White.
White Mr. White
Mr. White runs the cube factory with Ms. Black.
Grey The Grey Grumbles
The Grey Grumbles have bad attitudes.
Lime Lime
Lime is a wealthy but unsatisfied man.
Orange Orange
Orange is the king of Orange Town.
Burgundy Burgundy
Burgundy is Lime’s second-in-command.
Indigo Indigo
Indigo helps Lime find things.
Olive Olive
Olive helps Lime around his castle.
Magic Mint Magic Mint
Magic Mint is Orange’s court wizard.
Tan Tan
Tan is a soldier tasked with looking for Red.
Islander The Islanders
The Islanders are always busy.
Silver Silver
Silver is a merchant from across the ocean.
Chief Rosy and Lil Rosy Chief Rosy and Li’l Rosy
They are in charge of the whole island.
High Priest High Priest
Mysterious attendant at the volcano temple.
DJ is a DJ who lost his counterpart.
Dr. Brown Dr. Brown
Dr. Brown is a scientist and folklorist.
Copper Professor Copper
Copper is a sinister scientist.
Cobalt Cobalt
Cobalt is Copper’s kind-hearted assistant.