They are drinking water. Water’s color was one of the first things I decided on. Water, of course, is clear, but because they live in an empty landscape at this point, I decided to make water light blue, and I have kept the color more or less consistent (it was saved as a color swatch in Photoshop along with the colors of these first four characters). This was the first environmental color I settled on.

Aside from the bizarre contortions Green is undergoing due to his unique anatomy, this is another one of those talking comics, one with some particularly long sentences from Blue. You can see how the lines of the word balloons hug the actual shape of the words themselves, something that in a comic you were meant to actually read would be an incredible faux pas. Word balloons usually need a lot of space inside to make them comfortably legible, but given that the words here are already written in a tiny font that no one can understand anyway, I thought that adding an interesting visual flair was more important.