This is the first long page. There are a few of these later, though most of them are not this long. Many of the later ones have a semi-standard size that’s about 2.5 times taller than a normal page.

I wanted to do the entire rest of the fight scene in one go, so a long page was really the only way to do that. That’s an advantage of doing a webcomic instead of using paper. The “infinite canvas” as it’s called. I often use the extra space I get from doing these to add some establishing shots or do something like the first panels here and show some time passing.

As for the fight itself, Blue has the upper hand here, but then we see that Black uses the remote control on herself. She combines with the Grey Grumbles and, using her superior capabilities, manages to take over and fully control their combined form. She doesn’t end up just being combined with the others, but rather their personalities are subsumed by hers, giving her better control over the big monster.